Bar Chart Description

The bar chart provides information about the percentages of divorces in Spain and Netherland between 2009 and 2012.

overall, Netherland experienced a downward trend, while Spain showed on upward trend throughout the period. Both countries divorce rates had some fluctuations. A though Spain initially had a lower rate, it outraced Netherland at the end of the period.

Netherland’s divorce rate was about 45% in 2009 being higher than Spain’s rate by approximately 8%. Then, it rose to almost fifty percent in 2010.

However, the figure showed a gradual decrease to about 47% in 2011, and continued to decline steadily to the end of the period, reaching around 45% in 2011 and hitting a low point of about 37% in 2012.

Percentage of divorce in Spain was less than 40% in 2010, and it decreased in 2011, when about one third of marriages in Spain ended with a divorce ( as opposed to almost a half in Netherland).

However, the figure experienced a steady growth during the next two years. It rose to approximately 39% in 2011, then increased by around 3% in 2012, and remained steady for the next year, outracing the rate of Netherland.

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